MOT Reminders

At Autocentre we believe it’s odd that the government require you to have your car MOT’d every year, yet it’s something they don’t remind you about. They have everything in place to do so yet they chose not to do this. But they come down on you like the proverbial tonne of bricks if you don’t have an MOT. Up to a £1000 fine.

With Autocentre you won’t need to worry anymore about that, once you have your first MOT done with us, which incidentally costs the low price of just £35.00 then you will receive reminders up to 3 weeks before your MOT is due next year. So you’ll never have to miss that date again, or even need to worry about it.

Our MOT is just £35.00

Remember that our MOT is just £35.00, we keep the price low so that our customers benefit from this, we don’t charge you for a retest within 10 days either. So whether you have the work done with us or not, Autocentre should be your first stop for MOT’s in Rushden. So come on in or book online with us at our cheap price and you’ll get your free annual reminder.