Terraclean – Has Your Car Done Over 20,000 Miles?


At Autocentre Rushden we recognize that the health of your engine and car is of utmost importance. Keeping your engine in the best condition will reduce unsightly repair bills and prolong the life of the car on the road.


4 Ways How Terraclean Will Benefit You:

  1. 1. Restore fuel economy
  2. 2. Restore vehicle performance
  3. 3. Prolong engine life
  4. 4. Give you immediate driving improvement

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How Can I Book A Terraclean Service?

If you would like to book in for a Terraclean service, please call us on 01933 353250 and we will be happy to help you.

High Fuel Consumption?

As your car is used over the years, carbon deposits slowly build up internally, meaning your engine is not burning the fuel as effectively as you would want it to. With the Terraclean Decarbonisation process, your engine is effectively receiving a full valet to remove carbon deposits, revitalizing the fuel consumption back to near brand new.

Up to 14% increase in fuel economy

Feeling Sluggish?

As well as reducing fuel economy, carbon build up inside the engine will also reduce the performance of your car. If you car is more than 3 years old you may feel that it is not as lively as it once was due to fuel not being burned as efficiently as it should do. Terraclean has proven to increase BHP output by up to 8% and gives an improvement which you can feel when you drive away.

Regain Performance

High Emissions?

Have you had your car MOT’d and told you need to replace your 02 sensor due to high emissions? Don’t go for the most expensive option first. The Terraclean Decarbonisation process has proven to reduce emissions by allowing your car to burn the fuel more efficiently whilst removing carbon deposits from the engine & exhaust system. You may find that you have saved yourself a small fortune in replacement parts and labour costs. As well as the problem of needing to re-MOT the vehicle!

Reduce exhaust emissions