MOT Testing

The MOT test

Any vehicle that is driven on the road must be kept in a roadworthy condition and this is the responsibility of the vehicles owner. Each year the vehicle must undergo an MOT test to ensure the vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards.

This is different to having a service as a service doesn’t check its general mechanical condition.

Download the ‘Your car and the MOT’ PDF from the government website.

When to test

You must get an MOT every year once your vehicle is 3 years old. You can renew your MOT up to a month before it expires.

What to do if your MOT has expired

By law, you can’t drive your vehicle on the road. If you get caught you could be prosecuted. The only exception is if you’ve already booked an MOT test and you are driving to the test centre.

Book your MOT online

You can book your MOT online at Autocentre Rushden by heading over to our online booking page. From here you can select an exact date and time to book in your vehicle. You will then receive an instant email confirmation. Payment is taken at your appointment.