Nitrogen Filled Tyres

Recent research has shown that as nitrogen is a denser gas than oxygen, filling your tyres with it causes less leaks and gives a more balanced pressure over a longer time. This contributes to fuel economy and stability on the road.

At Autocentre Rushden we can use Nitrogen to fill your tyres for a small charge, try it out and see what you think.

Why Nitrogen?

There are the obvious things you can do to prolong tyre life – fortnightly checks and driving sensibly.

But what about filling your tyres with nitrogen?

  • Nitrogen has been used for many years in Formula 1 cars, the aircraft industry and road haulage, where consistent performance is paramount.>
  • Nitrogen makes up about 80 per cent of the air in tyres anyway, but getting rid of the other 20 per cent – oxygen, moisture and other contaminants – makes a tyre’s performance more consistent and predictable.
  • Knowing exactly how much the gas in the tyre will expand as it heats up helps ensure maximum efficiency when everything else is driven to its limits.
  • Nitrogen provides extra fuel efficiency due to the benefits of running with consistent pressures.
  • Removing the oxygen also reduces oxidisation of the rubber, which can lead to premature ageing and blowouts.
  • Air-filled tyres gradually lose pressure because the oxygen leaks through pores in the rubber. Nitrogen’s molecular structure means it’s less prone to permeate rubber, so pressure is maintained for longer.